How To Clean And Prepare Your Central Air Conditioner For Summer

As a homeowner, you can keep your central air conditioner working well this summer by performing a yearly cleaning when the warmer months of spring arrive. Without any special tools or expensive supplies, you can take the necessary steps to ensure the air conditioner is clean and working correctly. If during your cleaning project you discover the system isn’t working as well as you expect it to or you discover any broken parts, then you will have time to call for a professional air conditioning repair appointment before the heat of summer really kicks in.

Three Reasons to Let a Pro Clean Your Furnace

After several months of disuse, your home’s furnace could use a good cleaning. In fact, tackling that dust and debris buildup is usually the first order of business if you’re in need of the warmth your furnace offers. Like countless homeowners, you may be thinking about tackling this important task on your own. However, it’s also a task that’s better left in the hands of your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) specialist.

Are You Ready For A New Heating System In Your Home?

Your home relies on heating to keep you and your family warm throughout the colder season. You have a furnace already, but you’re thinking of investing in a new heating and cooling system. Are you ready for a new residential heating system? Use this guide to help you decide if you need a new heating system for your home. Your energy bills rise in the winter. An outdated heating system may use more energy than a newer, more proficient heating and cooling system.

5 Common Mistakes That Could Create Animal Infestations In A Home's Ductwork

One of the peskiest and disturbing ductwork problems that homes develop is pest infestations within ducts. Pests can destroy ductwork and create many safety and health hazards for a household’s residence if their populations are allowed to build up in ducts. Homeowners need to take the proper maintenance precautions to keep pests out of their ducts. The following are five mistakes homeowners need to avoid to minimize their chances of experiencing ductwork pest infestations.

How To Service Heat Pumps On A Roof

On many buildings, especially large commercial or residential properties with flat roofs, the heat pumps and air conditioners are on the roof. Flat roofs, since they aren’t visible from the ground, can hide these large and unsightly appliances. It is far more attractive to have your air conditioners on your roof than mounted on the side of the building or in the windows. Roof Units are Vulnerable However, whenever you have an air conditioner unit on the roof, it is completely exposed.

3 Things To Know About Taking Care Of A Commercial AC Systems

If you recently purchased some commercial property and you are now in charge of taking care of a commercial AC services system, it is important to note that taking care of a commercial AC system is a little different than taking care of a residential AC system. Regularly Inspect the Ductwork The ductwork for your commercial AC system carries the air that heats and cools your entire building. The ductwork is essential to keeping your building heated properly.

Signs That Indicate That Your Water Heater Needs Repair

Most households use their water heater multiple times throughout the day. No one wants to discover that there is no hot water – knowing the signs of a water heater problem can give you time to have a plumber make repairs. Some common signs that a water heater is in need of repair include the following. The temperature of the Water Fluctuates When you turn on the hot water faucet or step into a hot shower, the temperature of the hot water should remain consistent.

How Your House's Arrangement And Setup Can Affect The AC's Performance

Do you know that the layout of your house can affect how well your air conditioner (AC) performs? The design of the house, the installation of appliances, and even the arrangement of fixtures all determine the level of your AC’s performance. Here are some of the ways in which this can happen: Poor Location of the Thermostat The thermostat works by sensing the temperature of the surrounding air and then sending the signals to the AC main board.

Have A Dry And Dusty Home? What To Know About The Ventilation System

If your house is dusty, dry, and the air temperature isn’t the same in all the rooms, there may be a problem with your ducts and ventilation system. You want to have an HVAC professional come to your home so they can take the time and use cameras to look throughout the ducts that make up your ventilation system, and to see if they can find a diagnosis. Here are the questions to ask and the things you want to get quotes for.