How To Build The Perfect Workshop

If your house constantly needs repairs because it’s practically falling down, you probably need a workshop. Workshops are also ideal for structurally sound houses that need a little sprucing up now and then. Either way, if you’re gonna build a workshop in the first place, you might as well build a perfect workshop, right? Well, here’s how to do just that. 1. Buy, build, or convert a space that is fairly large.

How To Replace The Control Board On A Furnace

The control board is essentially the electronic heart of a furnace system. When you turn up the thermostat to call for heat, the thermostat sends a signal to the control board, which then signals the igniter. The process continues with the gas valve opening, a timer starting, and fans springing to action to both keep the unit stabilized and to push the warm air back out the vents. A problem with the control board can stop any part of this process from happening and leave you without heat on a cold day.

3 Reasons To Install A Wi-Fi Thermostat

For many homeowners, programmable thermostats can offer convenient access to regulated temperatures indoors. If you are ready to take your control over your home’s heating system to the next level, you might want to consider investing in a programmable thermostat that features a WiFi connection. These thermostats can be controlled remotely using a downloaded app on your portable electronic device or smartphone. Here are three reasons why having a WiFi thermostat could benefit you in the future.

4 Tips For Winterizing Your Lake Cabin

A cabin on the lake is a great place to spend the summer, but when you close up your vacation home for the season, it is important to spend the time to do several tasks to protect your cabin from the harsh winter elements. Winterizing your cabin before you leave will protect the plumbing and other fixtures in your home, so you can rest assured that your second home stays in good condition during the coldest months of the year when you are not using it.

3 Problems That Can Be Identified At A Regular HVAC Maintenance Appointment

Your HVAC system is an important part of your business. Even though you depend on it to work when you need it to, your system needs proper maintenance to be able to do its job. So, how can you know if your system has a problem or not? Regular maintenance is crucial to the operating efficiency of your unit. Here are three problems that can easily be identified by having your system looked at.

How To Deal With Crazy Humidity

You’ve almost certainly heard that it’s not the heat but the humidity that’s making you uncomfortable, but have you ever really done anything about the humidity? Most people don’t even have any idea what the humidity level is in their home. If you want the lowest electric bills possible while increasing your comfort and decreasing your home maintenance costs, you need to learn about humidity and how to manage it.

What Can You Do About Heating Ducts That Get Dirty Very Quickly?

Experts typically recommend having your heating ducts cleaned every 2 to 5 years, depending on your circumstances. But what should you do if your HVAC technician comes out to clean your ducts after just a few years have elapsed and tells you they are absolutely filthy? What about when it has only been a few months since you’ve had your ducts cleaned, but you’re already suffering from allergy symptoms and seeing signs that they’re pretty dirty again?

How To Resolve Temperature Disagreements

Whenever two or more people live in a home, temperature wars are almost inevitable. Whether their focus is on comfort or cost, it seems that no one is capable of coming to an agreement over what the thermostat should be set out. To avoid strife in your home, here are a few ideas you can try. Zoned Heating and Cooling Most thermostat wars start at the central thermostat. It may be that one person prefers a hotter or colder temperature or that one person spends more time in a room that is hotter or colder than the rest of the home.

Ground-Source Heat Pumps Work Well In Cold Climates

Heat pumps have been an alternative for people who are looking to heat and cool their house and save some money. The way that the heat pump works is that it takes heat from one area and pumps it into another areas. In the winter, the pump absorbs whatever heat it can from the outside and pumps it into the house to heat it. In the summer, it does the reverse, cooling down the house.

The Other Type Of Bathroom Accident: What To Do If You Flush Your Phone Down A Toilet

Many people are attached to their smart phones. One of the tell-tale signs of the addiction is bringing a phone along everywhere they go. A lot of smart phone users also bring their phones along with them to the restroom. Even more keep their phone in their person and unwittingly bring the phone to the restroom. Either way, this can present a precarious situation when you become a little bit clumsy.