Have A Dry And Dusty Home? What To Know About The Ventilation System

If your house is dusty, dry, and the air temperature isn't the same in all the rooms, there may be a problem with your ducts and ventilation system. You want to have an HVAC professional come to your home so they can take the time and use cameras to look throughout the ducts that make up your ventilation system, and to see if they can find a diagnosis. Here are the questions to ask and the things you want to get quotes for.

Duct Cleaning

As air travels through the home and settles in the vents, and then gets stuck in the ducts, it will blow around. This dust, dander, hair, dead skin particles, and any other type of debris that is in the ducts need to be sucked out with an HVAC tool, and then removed from the home. This helps to open up the ducts, and allow air to pass without problems.

Duct Sealing

Dusty air may be getting in through your ducts if there are gaps, and hot and cold air could be escaping the ducts. As the house shifts it can cause the ducts to alter and get damaged, and this is a problem that you need to have repaired. Repairing can help you keep the air clean while traveling through the ducts, and it also helps prevent air loss to improve energy efficiency for your home.

Humidifying System

Get a humidifying system installed so it stop dryness in the house form becoming a problem, and so it reduces the amount of unnecessary dust. This will help to keep the air at a proper moisture level, which will also help to preserve your home, prevent allergens and asthmas issues, and can help improve the air quality in the home. These attach right on the furnace and are controlled by a humidistat.

If your house gets so dry in the winter that everyone is itching their skin and there is dust all over the place, and you want to see if there is a problem with your ventilation system, and if there is a lot of dust that is trapped in the vents. The experts can do a full service check and you can have HVAC appliances checked while the professional is there, to make sure that they are all working so you have the best efficiency throughout your entire system. If your house has a problem, get expert help fast.