3 Problems That Can Be Identified At A Regular HVAC Maintenance Appointment

Your HVAC system is an important part of your business. Even though you depend on it to work when you need it to, your system needs proper maintenance to be able to do its job. So, how can you know if your system has a problem or not? Regular maintenance is crucial to the operating efficiency of your unit. Here are three problems that can easily be identified by having your system looked at. 

Low coolant levels. 

Your system needs coolant to be able to operate properly. Without it, your system cannot do its job. If your system is operating properly, it isn't going to use the coolant up. Your coolant levels will remain stable. Unfortunately, if there is a leak in the system due to corrosion or a broken line, it will cause the coolant to end up leaking out and affecting the performance of your heating and cooling system. When you have a technician come out to inspect your system, they will be able to identify where the leak is at and get your system sealed up. Once everything is properly sealed, they can add more coolant to your system to get it back where it needs to be.

Failing motor.

Over the course of time, the motor in your system is going to end up wearing down. Oftentimes, it fails because it didn't have enough lubrication. When a technician catches the problem quick enough, they can add the lubrication your motor needs to restore it to proper working condition. If the motor is too bad, the tech will schedule a time to come back and replace the component for you.

Dirty coils.

If your system is going to work properly, the two coils have to be cleaned and free from obstructions. This allows them to absorb and release all of the excess heat in the home. If the coils become contaminated, they won't be able to cool. You might even end up with a bunch of ice build-up on the coils. At your maintenance appointment, the tech will clean your coils to make sure you don't have to deal with any possible problems.

With the tech being able to detect and correct so many different problems, it makes sense that you should have one of these professionals come out (such as commercial air conditioning service by Hvactech Systems) to your business at least once each year. It will save you time and hassle in the long run.