3 Reasons To Install A Wi-Fi Thermostat

For many homeowners, programmable thermostats can offer convenient access to regulated temperatures indoors. If you are ready to take your control over your home's heating system to the next level, you might want to consider investing in a programmable thermostat that features a WiFi connection. These thermostats can be controlled remotely using a downloaded app on your portable electronic device or smartphone.

Here are three reasons why having a WiFi thermostat could benefit you in the future.

1. Reduce energy consumption.

Being able to closely monitor your home's temperature while you are away could be beneficial in reducing your energy expenses. If the temperature inside your home rises or falls outside of your pre-set range, you will receive a notification through the downloaded app from your WiFi thermostat letting you know about the anomaly.

Using this information, you can make adjustments to your thermostat settings to help conserve energy. Since heating and cooling accounts for almost half of your monthly utility costs (48% to be exact), reducing energy consumption by regulating temperature through a WiFi thermostat could be beneficial.

2.  Prevent repairs associated with heating system failures.

Your home's heating system could malfunction at any time, creating the potential for serious damage within your home. If you travel frequently for business or pleasure, you may want to consider investing in a WiFi thermostat to help you keep your home safe while you are away.

Should your heating system turn off unexpectedly for any reason, you will receive a notification to your electronic device through the downloaded app associated with your thermostat. This information gives you the opportunity to contact a heating contractor to make the necessary repairs as quickly as possible.

Without a WiFi thermostat, you might not realize that your home's heating system had malfunctioned until you return from a trip. Frozen water pipes, or overheated houseplants and pets could be the result of a failed heating system that isn't repaired quickly.

3. Always come home to a comfortable home.

If you enjoy walking into a cozy home whenever you return from a night on the town, having a WiFi thermostat could be beneficial. These thermostats allow you to increase or decrease the temperature setting within your home from anywhere using a downloaded app.

If your plans change and you will be home sooner than expected, use your electronic device to raise the temperature to a comfortable level prior to your arrival. WiFi thermostats can significantly contribute to the comfort of your home.

Making the choice to invest in a WiFi thermostat will help you reduce energy consumption, protect your home against damage from heating system failures, and give you the ability to come home to a comfortable home at all times.

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