3 Serious Issues That Require Mandatory AC Repair

Homeowners who discover that they need air conditioning repair might panic. This is a common issue, and it can often be prevented by seeking maintenance services before summer. There are major and minor issues that can cause the system not to perform or to underperform. Sometimes AC systems give signs of what an issue might be. A noisy condenser could have loose parts such as a fan, or it may be experiencing an AC compressor failure. The latter is more serious and will negatively impact cool air production. The following points highlight a few emergency AC repair issues.

Airflow Issues

This issue may occur if the filter is clogged. Filter changes should occur at the first start of signs that the AC system will be used. Dirty filters restrict airflow. If a filter change has not been performed, homeowners can attempt to see if this fixes their issue. They should still seek professional services to ensure that their systems are clean and do not have any hidden mechanical defects. Low refrigerant and leaks can also cause poor airflow and the air will feel warm. Frozen evaporator coils, which are located in the condenser will also cause this issue. 

A home that is not producing any cool air might have a simple issue present such as the wrong thermostat setting. It could be the temperature setting, or it could also be that the thermostat is set to the heater or fan. A broken thermostat or one that needs batteries can also cause these issues.

Frequent Breaker Switches

This is an electrical issue. AC systems have to receive enough electricity to keep them running. If the circuit breaker recognizes that it sending more electricity than it can handle, it will switch off to prevent overheating and an electrical fire. This safety feature can feel like a nuisance. Homeowners who experience it should consider it an emergency AC repair issue because of the fire risks and risk of damaging their air conditioning systems.

Weird Odors

AC systems should not produce odd odors. Clean air is not odorous. As part of maintenance services, systems get cleaned to remove substances such as mold, pollen, and dust. Systems that have not been serviced may produce musty odors, which is indicative of mold. Offensive sweet odors are indicative of refrigerant leaks. It is not ideal to allow a system to run out of refrigerant. Homeowners cannot legally add refrigerant to their systems. Burnt odors are indicative that a potential electrical fault is in the system. This is why it is best to use an HVAC contractor as a resource for determining the cause of weird odors.

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