3 Times You May Need To Call For 24-Hour Emergency Furnace Repair

If your furnace breaks down when it's cold outside, the situation could be serious. If you have no other source of heat, cold temperatures could be harmful to young kids and elderly relatives living in your home. If the temperature drops below freezing, your pipes might freeze and burst. You may not know you can call for 24-hour emergency furnace repair when your furnace stops working. Here are three times you may need to call for emergency help. 

1. When Your Furnace Makes Concerning Noises

It's natural for your furnace to make noises when it turns on and runs. However, when you hear unusual noises, it's a good idea to have them checked out. If you hear bangs or loud pops when your furnace turns on, that could be a sign of gas buildup in the combustion area that ignites all at once due to malfunctioning parts.

The noise is a mini explosion, and that could cause harm to your furnace, especially the heat exchanger. If you hear noises like that, it's probably best to call a 24-hour emergency furnace repair company and explain your problem. They may send someone right away to figure out what's going wrong when your furnace ignites so they can make the needed repairs.

2. When You Smell Gas Or Burning Odors

If the gas smell in your home is strong, you should leave your house and call the fire department. If you get faint whiffs of gas occasionally when you're near your furnace, call a 24-hour emergency furnace repair company and let them know. They may advise you on immediate steps to take while you wait on a furnace repair technician to arrive.

The odor of something burning could also be serious. That could mean a problem with the electrical system in your furnace, and there might be a risk of fire that needs to be checked out by a furnace repair technician.

3. When Cold Weather Is Expected

If your furnace isn't working and it's cold and uncomfortable in your house, you might think you can tough it out and wait for business hours to call for help. Remember that temperatures can plummet at night and you don't want to be trapped in your house freezing all night long. Cold weather is hard on everyone, but young kids and older people have problems regulating their body temperatures. Cold weather could be a serious threat to them, your pets, and even healthy adults. If your furnace is malfunctioning or broken down and cold weather has set in or is on the way, don't wait until your home is freezing inside.

Call a 24-hour emergency furnace repair company, such as B & H Heating and Air, to learn more.