Does Your Furnace Constantly Make Loud And Annoying Sounds? 3 Possible Reasons

Modern heating and air conditioning systems are supposed to be quieter than all their predecessors. However, yours could be causing you sleepless nights from all the endless noise. In most cases, noises that make it hard to go about your day indicate something is wrong with your unit operation. Typically, different sounds point toward various issues. Hence, you should hire a heating repair professional once you realize your furnace keeps making these loud noises. They can help you diagnose and repair the cause.

It Whistles and Screeches

Whistling and screeching are the two sounds that furnaces make when the filters need attention. Note that air will struggle to get into the system once the filters clog. This means the air will try to push through to meet heating demand, hence the sounds. Given this, a repair expert should check the filters to determine whether they need replacing or cleaning. More importantly, note that leaving your unit to operate with dirty and clogged filters can cause other component failures, and you might incur expensive repairs. 

It Makes Whirring, Knocking, and Clunking Noises

Knocking and clunking noises can be shocking to hear from your heating appliance. Often, they are the result of issues with the blower motor. Note that the motor helps push air through the system by powering the blower and activating the fan. Hence, it needs proper lubrication to work as it should. However, if this part of your system is low on oil, it will whirr, knock, and clunk. To remedy this, add a little oil to the blower a few times to ensure your system stays constantly lubricated. 

Rattling Sounds

Your furnace heat exchanger will inform you that it needs repairs through rattling sounds. Problems with the heat exchanger typically start when you already have an issue with the filter. Air will struggle to get into the system, and the heat exchanger might crack from the pressure. A cracked heat exchanger is a dangerous problem because it can cause carbon dioxide to leak into the house. More so, since the gas is colorless and odorless, you could suffer poisoning without knowing its presence and concentration inside the home. Hence, call a furnace repair expert the minute you notice rattling noises to perform necessary repairs. In addition, they may suggest a carbon monoxide detector to ensure your safety in case of another leak. 

These are some common indicators of trouble with your heating system. Hence, ensure you contact a furnace repair service if you notice a noise that was not prevalent before. They will resolve the cause and ensure all components work as they should to prevent system failure.