Signs Of Blockage In Your Air Conditioner's Ductwork

The AC uses ductwork to transport cool air from the indoor unit to your entire house through the vents. On the other hand, return air ducts draw in warm air for cooling. Thus, the duct system incorporates intricate branching and connections to ensure proper airflow at the desired output. However, debris accumulation or critter infestation in the ducts may obstruct airflow, reducing the system's efficiency. Accordingly, you should engage an AC repair technician to inspect and clean the ducts for peak functionality. Below are signs of blockage in your AC ductwork:

Inconsistent Temperatures

The ducts could be clogged if you notice a difference in room-to-room temperatures. This may be due to debris collecting in the ducts. Consequently, you will experience temperature variations across your home, causing the system to run in overdrive as some rooms do not attain the set temperature. Therefore, it is vital that you hire an AC repair contractor to clean the ducts for consistent temperatures.

High Electric Bills

In case a foreign object infiltrates your ducts, it may impede airflow in and out of the system. This may result in the AC working harder to draw sufficient air for cooling. In addition, clogged ducts will not deliver cool air adequately, causing the unit to run constantly. Additional strain on the system to deliver average cooling output results in high energy bills. Thus, you should contact an AC professional to clear the obstructions in the ducts to enhance energy efficiency.

Strange Noises

Your AC typically produces a relatively low hum during the cooling cycles when air is traveling through ducts. However, your ducts could be blocked if you hear loud booming sounds coming from them. This may be due to air pressure fluctuation that causes the metal membrane to expand and contract. Subsequently, the weak duct segments will likely collapse and obstruct airflow. As a result, you will hear loud banging noises as the system attempts to force air through the obstruction.

Poor Airflow

If you notice poor airflow from the vents, a blockage in the ducts is a probable culprit. This could be due to rodents sneaking through the vents and nesting in the ducts. Furthermore, biological growth can thrive in your ductwork if the humidity levels are high, forming an obstruction. This may result in weak airflow from the vents and deteriorating air quality. Therefore, you should contact an AC professional to clear the obstruction for the desired cooling output.

Blocked ductwork places undue pressure on your system, shortening its service life. As such, you need to employ the services of an AC repair specialist to service your unit regularly for optimal performance. 

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