Reasons For Your AC Fan Motor Failure

A condenser motor is essential in powering the blades that generate cool air movement across the condenser coil. On the other hand, the blower motor moves cool air through the ducts and distributes it throughout your home. 

However, if either of the fan motors breaks down, it may cause the cooling power to deteriorate. As a result, you may experience hot air instead of cool air from the vents accompanied by buzzing noises. If this is the case, you may want to know why you have motor failure and if you can rectify the problem. Below are the reasons for fan motor failure and how an AC repair technician can help.  

Lack of Lubrication 

The lubricant levels in the fan motor will deplete if you fail to schedule routine maintenance. Consequently, the fan motor's parts will grind against each other and overheat. This may lead to a burning smell and a high-pitched squeal. In such a case, an AC technician will top up the lubricant levels for proper fan motor operation. Moreover, they will replace worn-out bearings to reduce rotational friction and allow your unit a quiet operation.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

You should know that your AC circuit breaker will trip if there is a power surge or current overload in the electrical system. As a result, the breaker will cut power to the unit and prevent the fan motor from functioning. That said, you should not examine your system for such a malfunction because it might result in incorrect deductions. 

Instead, contact an AC contractor to diagnose and repair the electrical defects. In addition, the expert will connect the system to the main power outlet instead of an extension. This is because the AC is a high-wattage appliance and may draw excess current during its operation. 

Capacitor Issues

A capacitor is crucial to the fan motor as it helps it run. However, the capacitor may wear down over time and fail. When this happens, the motor will be forced to run while experiencing spikes in voltage. Additionally, the fan motor will overheat, increasing strain on the compressor. Eventually, a defective capacitor will cause the fan motor's premature failure. If this is the issue with your system, an AC repair expert will replace the capacitor to ensure the motor's smooth operation.

Water Dripping into The Windings

Since the condenser is outdoors, it is vulnerable to infiltration by harsh weather elements. As a result, water can bypass the seal and seep into the motor windings. This may cause the motor shafts to rust and, at the same time, contaminate the bearings and lubricant. In this case, an AC repair technician will mount a shield on the motor shaft to prevent water from reaching the bearings. In addition, they will perform an insulation resistance test to determine whether to repair or replace the windings.

A failed fan motor will overwork the system, reducing its efficiency. Therefore, you should service your AC regularly for peak functionality.

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