What Is The Best Location For Your Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit?

Did you know that the location of your air conditioning system matters? Proper placement of air conditioners is essential to maximize their performance, efficiency, and durability. That said, there is no single best location for all air conditioners. Every air conditioner has unique placement requirements that should be adhered to during the installation process. 

If you aim to install an outdoor air conditioning unit in your home, consider the following factors as you decide on the best location for its installation. 

Protection From Harsh Weather 

The outdoor unit of your AC system is responsible for transferring the heat absorbed from your house interiors to the outside environment.

If it is exposed to direct sunlight, it will absorb the solar heat and heat up quickly. When this happens, it will no longer function at peak efficiency. The added stress will cause the unit to run longer and harder to achieve the desired indoor climate, resulting in higher energy expenses.

You can minimize AC solar heat gain by installing the outdoor unit in a shaded area. If there are no trees around to provide shade, you can shade the unit with a roof, shed, or other appropriate structure.

Aside from insulating against solar heat, the shading structure can also protect the unit against destructive elements such as rain, hailstones, and wind-borne debris.


Placing your AC outdoor unit in a location that is free of obvious obstructions, like shrubbery, is essential to maximize airflow and keep the cooling system working at its peak.

Whether the unit is placed on the ground or mounted on the wall, there should be enough space around it to ensure unobstructed airflow. Although it's not always easy to make sure your AC outdoor unit is sitting level, it's essential for maximizing the performance and durability of your AC system.


Your AC system's outside unit houses many moving parts that can pose a significant safety risk to small children and pets. While you should keep it out of reach for curious kids and playful pets, make sure it is easy to access when it is time for AC maintenance and repairs.

If you need professional assistance with determining the best spot for your air conditioning installation, get in touch with an HVAC professional near you.

Contact a local air conditioning service to learn more about air conditioning installation and how you can help prepare for the installation.