Why You Need New Ductwork When Replacing Your AC Unit

When getting a new car, do you keep the engine from your old vehicle to use on the new car? While this idea may seem absurd, homeowners do the same with their AC units. Most homeowners get a new HVAC unit but install it with the existing ductwork. An HVAC system is comprised of different components. So when scheduling a new air conditioning installation, consider getting new ductwork, too.

Why It Is Important to Replace Your Ducts

There is a network of ducts through which air from the AC unit passes into different rooms. The ductwork is often installed behind walls. However, over time, they accumulate dust, particles, and allergens. So, if not well maintained, the allergens will mix with air passing through the ductwork. The result will be poor quality air flowing around your home, posing a health risk to your family.

Additionally, ductwork also ages after years of use. There might also be some loose connections, leading to leaks and energy loss. Faulty ductwork might cause as high as a 40% loss of energy. Most manufacturers recommend replacing air ducts after a few years. Therefore, replacing ductwork is economical and more convenient when replacing an AC unit.

Benefits of Getting New Ductwork During an AC Unit Replacement

Investing in a new AC unit will help with energy efficiency around the home. Similarly, getting new air ducts will be more energy efficient. As technology advances, new ductwork is developed. The latest air ducts feature an energy-efficient design, which reduces your energy costs.

Usually, if you replace different components separately, the efficiency will be multiplied on other parts. For example, if you install a high-efficiency furnace with a speed blower, the feature might be energy efficient, but pairing the furnace with an antique AC unit will not be helpful. Similarly, installing a new HVAC unit to get maximum efficiency but failing to upgrade your ductwork may not yield the level of effectiveness you hope to achieve. While your new system may be energy efficient, if the air flows through faulty ductwork, you lose the energy efficiencies you seek to achieve.

There is also a cost-benefit if you replace your ductwork during air conditioning installation. You enjoy labor efficiencies since you will be paying the same professional for consultation and their services.

Consult the Experts

Before scheduling your new air conditioning installation, consult professionals for recommendations on the best units depending on your needs. Technicians can also inspect your current system and recommend necessary changes. For more information about residential air conditioning repair, contact a local service.