2 Possible Reasons Why Your Home's Condensate Furnace Is Leaking Water

As part of your efforts to save money on your bills, you may have installed a condensate furnace the last time you needed to replace your old one. Because the system adds moisture to the hot air before it is dispersed through your home's ductwork, it is able to heat your home more evenly and efficiently than non-condensate furnaces.

However, since the system creates and collects a large amount of condensation to use as its water source, there is always a possibility that leaks could occur. If you have found puddles of water around the heater, there are a couple of possible causes, both of which will need to be fixed by an HVAC professional.

1.  Crack or Hole in the Unit's Condensate Drain Hose 

One possible problem that could make water leak out of your high-efficiency condensate furnace is that the condensate drain hose may be cracked or have a hole in it. This hose transports the water collected from the condensation to the inducer assembly before the water is transported to the pump.

If this hose is damaged, a portion of the water will not only leak out of its sides but also a smaller amount will reach the inducer assembly. Because there is less water being pushed through to the pump, less moisture will be mixed with the hot air, affecting the furnace's ability to efficiently heat your home. It will also cause moisture to build up within the blower fan motor, which could cause it to short out.

2.  Damage to the Furnace's Condensate Pump

Another possible reason why your furnace is leaking water is that there is damage to the condensate pump. In this normally closed system, the pump pushes the water into the hot air to infuse it with moisture.

If the housing of the condensate pump is cracked or damaged, the water will leak out, and it can quickly rust the exterior of the pump. This will also decrease the pressure within the closed system, causing the furnace to heat less efficiently.

Whether your condensate furnace is leaking because of a cracked drain hose or damaged pump, the system will not be able to heat your home as efficiently as before. The excess water within the unit can also cause further damage to the furnace. As soon as you see puddles of water around the unit, have an HVAC contractor in your area inspect the unit to locate and fix the leak with a furnace repair as soon as possible.