Four Air Conditioner Repairs To Have Completed Before Summer Hits

Preemptive maintenance and repair to your air conditioner is best done before you need to use it most and can be most effectively done by making sure it is thoroughly inspected by a professional. Proactive repairs can prevent water damage, high energy bills, and expensive parts replacement that can result in complete air conditioner failure.

Electrical Parts

Your air conditioner's electrical components are some of its most important parts. Some of the main parts are the start and run capacitors and the fuses, as these are chiefly responsible for supplying the power your air conditioner needs to both start and run continuously. If these parts fail, your air condenser may still receive some power, but not enough to run, and your whole air conditioner can stop working.

During summer, these parts run in high demand and can take longer to replace as a result. What's more, since they involve supplying power to expensive and complex parts, any problems with these components should be repaired as soon as possible before summer starts.

Leaky Ducts

One component to keep high on your list to inspect and repair is your duct system. Traditional ducts on average already lose a significant amount of air before it reaches your home, and aging and leaking ducts can only exacerbate this problem.

Duct repair can take more work than maintenance on other individual components. Combine this with the lower costs generally charged during periods of low demand, and this makes winter or spring an opportune time to make sure your ducts are in good shape.

Condensate Drain

Your air conditioner's condensate drain and drain pipes safely carry away moisture that is pulled out of the air during the air conditioning process. If this drain system is clogged and this moisture has nowhere to go, it can back up into your home and trigger the air conditioner's shutdown safety mechanism. It also has the potential to cause water damage to your home.

Because of this, especially if your condensate drains haven't been inspected or tested in several years, this should be done before you start needing to run your air conditioner on a regular basis.

Condenser Components

Finally, the condenser unit and its components should be inspected and any repairs made if necessary. The condenser houses and protects important parts like the motor and fan blades, and any issues with these parts can quickly become costly.

If you've noticed any grinding sounds from your air conditioner, this could be a sign that the fan blades are out of alignment and scraping against the inside of the condenser. If you hear any buzzing or grinding sounds, shut off your air conditioner immediately to mitigate any further damage, then call for repairs. Having this done before summer hits will help ensure these issues won't become a major problem when you need your air conditioner most.

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