5 Common Issues With A Boiler Heating System

Many homes that operate with some form of radiator heating system also depend on a boiler because it is the hot water from the boiler that passes through the radiators and warms the home. If your boiler isn't working right, then the entire heating system will fail.

1. Pilot Issues

If you have a gas boiler, it will then have a pilot light just like a water heater tank. The only difference is this water warms your home. Pilot lights can go out for a lot of reasons, and usually, all you need to do is relight it to get everything working again. If the light keeps going out, though, or if it is burning any color other than blue, then something is wrong with the pilot fuel valve. It may need to be cleaned or replaced, which is best left to a heating pro.

2. Low Water Level

If your boiler suffered a drastic loss of heat over a very short period of time, water loss could be the issue. Low water level often looks like a low-pressure reading on the external gauge of your boiler. It is often the result of a leak somewhere in the system — from the connecting lines, the radiators, or the boiler itself. A heating contractor will check for and repair any leaks before recharging the water level.

3. Electrical Failures

Another cause for a lack of heat is a failure of the electrical system. Most modern gas boilers are equipped with electric ignition systems. If the ignition system fails or doesn't make contact because it is dirty, then the furnace won't fire and no hot water can be produced. The result is a boiler and radiator system that can't produce heat. 

4. Thermostat Problems

Like any heating system, boiler systems are tied to a thermostat. If there is no heat and the thermostat is set to a temperature higher than the current room temperature and it is set to the on position, then the problem could be the thermostat itself. A heating contractor will test the thermostat and recalibrate it if necessary so it works properly. Failing that, they may need to install a new thermostat.

5. Radiator Malfunction

Problems in the radiators can also lead to poor heating. Typically radiator malfunctions will only affect one radiator, so other radiators in the home may still work. A common issue is air in the lines, which can create a bubble that prevents water from flowing into the radiator. Your heating contractor can bleed the radiator lines of air so they function again. 

Contact a professional who provides heating services if you notice any problems.