6 Weird AC Noises You Should Never Ignore

Your air conditioner can produce minimal sounds when operating. However, if you notice peculiar sounds, your cooling equipment probably has underlying issues. You can always tell there is an issue when the noise becomes extremely loud. At this point, you might need to call in an AC repair expert to diagnose the mishap. Here are six weird AC noises you should never ignore.

1. Rattling noise

Rattling sounds from your air conditioner might mean loose parts or components. Typically, loose bolts or screws create rattling noises. Additionally, worn-out fan blades contribute to such disruptive sounds. In other cases, particles stuck inside your grill can cause rattling noises. An air-conditioning repair technician can inspect your AC and fix the problem.

2. Buzzing noise

A buzzing noise might indicate lurking electrical issues in your cooling unit. Essentially, you might hear a vibrating noise from the AC. The root causes of this annoying sound could be the following:

  • Dirty air filter
  • Clogged condenser coil
  • Loose fan motor
  • Malfunctioned relay switch

Such components can be risky to fix if you aren't an expert. Thus, you might need an air-conditioning repair contractor to inspect and repair your unit.

3. Hissing noise

Your air conditioner might produce hissing or whistling sounds due to a refrigerant leak. Additionally, a blocked volume damper can restrict airflow, leading to hissing noise. If this component is partially closed, excessive air can flow through your vents. As a result, you might hear hissing sounds from your AC. To determine and fix the issue, consult an AC repair technician.

4. Squealing noise

Primarily, squealing or screaming noises point to high pressure in your air conditioner. When that happens, you should turn off your AC immediately and call an air-conditioning repair expert. This form of pressure can damage your compressor and cause a complete AC breakdown. 

5. Banging noise

Loose components within your cooling equipment can cause banging noises. Additionally, damaged parts in the air compressor contribute to loud banging sounds. Loose motor mounts and a misaligned fan could be the root cause of such annoying sounds. The good news is that an AC repair technician can inspect your AC and repair it.

6. Clicking noise

Usually, clicking noises stem from electrical problems, such as a faulty thermostat and faulty capacitors. Also, failing switches cause clicking sounds in your air conditioner. An obstruction within your fan could create this unsettling noise. Therefore, when you hear a continuous clicking sound, talk to a professional air-conditioning repair expert.

Ultimately, the above strange noises from your air conditioner are signs your unit needs to be inspected. An AC repair technician will troubleshoot the issues causing the noise and fix them.