Furnace Repair: What Warning Signs Should You Look Out For?

The majority of homes today have a heating system, which isn't surprising considering that everyone desires to keep their living space warm whenever it gets cold. Unfortunately, many homeowners will only check on their furnace as the cold season draws near. This is not advisable because the system might develop issues that might take time to fix, exposing your loved ones to the cold once temperatures start plummeting. To avoid this, you should call in a competent furnace repair service when you notice any of the following signs.

Yellow-Burning Flame

Most furnaces produce a blue flame when they are in good working condition. A yellow flame tells you there is an underlying combustion problem. As a result, the furnace might be unable to warm your home since the poor combustion hinders the unit from heating up as required.

A yellow flame signifies that the furnace might be emitting carbon monoxide. The fact that this is an odorless and colorless gas explains why it's hard to detect. When inhaled, carbon monoxide replaces oxygen in the body's red blood cells. Doing so interferes with the supply of oxygen to vital organs such as the brain, which can easily cause death. Therefore, you need to work with a trusted furnace unit repair professional when the flame turns from blue to another color.

Odd Noises

From hissing and rattling to popping and clicking, many sounds can help you detect that your heater has an issue. Sure, the furnace may make some slight noise as the heating cycle begins, but never overlook any strange sound.

With that said, scraping sounds suggest that the furnace's blower is in bad shape. Likewise, screeching noises may indicate motor bearing issues or perhaps a worn-out belt. Last but not least, excess gas can cause banging sounds in the chamber after furnace ignition. Such weird sounds are a clear indication that it's time to contact a furnace repair expert. Failure to do so can stress the entire system, leading to irreparable damage.

Weird Odors

A furnace that hasn't been used for a long time is bound to emit a dusty smell after switching it on. This is no cause for alarm as it won't be long before it subsides. But should you detect a musty odor, the furnace likely has a mold infestation. Working with a competent furnace repair technician is the best way to address the situation.

If you have noticed any of these signs of late, it's best to contact a furnace repair professional right away. Doing so will ensure the situation doesn't worsen and you don't encounter inconveniences.