Is Your Furnace Running Continually? Get a Furnace Repair Professional Over to Look at the Thermostat Fast

When your furnace is running constantly and not ever turning off, it is time to call the furnace repair company before your electric and gas bills continue to grow. Not only is a running furnace costing your money, but if your house is getting uncomfortably hot you can have other issues. The problem could be caused by several things, and it's smart to call a professional and ask for an inspection so you know where to start. Here are a few things you should ask the furnace repair professional to check out right away.

Thermostat Problems

The thermostat may need to be replaced if your heating and cooling system is older. If the thermostat is reading a low temperature, it's signaling the furnace to keep heating to warm up the home.

If the repair professional thinks that this may be the problem, then consider updating and replacing the older thermostat with a new programmable one. A new programmable unit has these great features:

  • Wireless control options
  • Locking options to prevent people from changing the set temperature
  • Timer settings to lower heating and cooling costs
  • Alert setting if the temperature in the home changes dramatically or is at very low or high temperatures

New thermostats can be programmed to change the temperature while you are sleeping or out of the house during the day to help you save on heating costs. It will also notify you if you are not home and the furnace breaks, and the temp in the house is plummeting to freezing.

Sensor or Mechanical Issues in the Furnace

If the sensors in the furnace aren't working and the furnace doesn't think that it's creating warm enough air it will continue to run. In addition, the connection between the furnace and the thermostat may be broken which means the furnace will continue to run and heat the house. 

If the problem isn't the thermostat, the furnace repair professional will do a quick mechanical inspection to diagnose the problem. They may find other issues that need to be repaired as well.

If you don't have your furnace maintained frequently and you don't have it cleaned and inspected, it may be time to have this done. Change the filters and have the unit serviced to help improve efficiency and productivity.

Don't keep letting the furnace in your home pour out heat while the temperature in the house rises — call a furnace repair professional to get the unit examined, maintained, and repaired all at the same time.