Air Conditioning Repairs To Prepare For Weatherization And Winter Weather

As the cold winter months approach, it is time to start doing work to your HVAC system. First, the AC is going to need repairs to prepare for weatherization and turn it off for the year. Air conditioning repair is a good investment to prepare for winter and preventing problems from getting worse. The following AC repairs before weatherization will help you prepare your HVAC systems for winter weather:

  • Checking the compressor for problems—The AC compressor is vulnerable to a lot of problems over the summer months. These issues often start with the strain due to dirty components and ice building up on compressor parts and the condensing coils. This freezing problem can lead to the strain that causes the AC compressor to overheat and become damaged. You are going to want to have these problems with your air conditioner compressor repaired before you turn it off for the winter months.
  • Cleaning and repairing the HVAC air handler—The air handler is another area of the AC where you need to have repairs done before winter weather arrives. The air handler should be cleaned and then inspected for damage or wear that can affect the performance of your HVAC. Ask the AC repair service about repairing problems and air leaks with your AC air handler to ensure your HVAC system is working like it is supposed to.
  • Calibrating and repairing the HVAC thermostat—The thermostat can also cause problems with your AC, and will need to be repaired before winter weather. In addition to repairs and upgrades, the thermostat needs to be calibrated to ensure your heating and cooling systems are working correctly. Calibrating the thermostat will ensure your home stays comfortable as the temperatures change throughout the year.  
  • Inspecting and weatherizing your AC unit for winter—The AC condensing unit is also vulnerable to damage and wear throughout the year. It should be inspected and repaired before weatherization and covering the unit to protect it from the weather. Talk to your AC technician about also cleaning the unit when doing these repairs to ensure it is ready when you need to turn the AC back on next year.

These are some of the AC repairs that need to be done before weatherization for winter weather. If you need to get your home ready for the colder winter weather, contact an air conditioning repair service to get ready for the changes in temperatures.