Installing Air Conditioning In Your Room Or Addition

Installing air conditioning in your new room or addition many be easier than you think. If you have air conditioning in your home already, there are several options that you air conditioning service may use to add it. 

Adding Duct Work

For homes that already have air conditioning in them, installing air conditioning in an additional room often means adding additional ductwork from the current system to the new room. If your air conditioning ducts run through the ceiling, the AC tech might be able to run some new flexible ductwork from the mainline to the new room through the attic space. 

The technician can tie into the line, run the new duct, and add a ceiling vent in the room for the air to enter the room. If you need several vents in the room, you will need to talk to the air conditioning service to determine if your current system can handle the additional load. 

If the air conditioning in your home runs under the building, running a new duct under the house is also an option, but you will need to check. Often there is limited space under the home to run things like air conditioning ducts, so you will need to plan for this during the construction of the addition. Talk to your air conditioning company about the options for running additional ducts, and they can recommend the best solution for your situation. 

Adding a Ductless System

Another option for installing air conditioning in a new addition is to use a ductless system in the room. Sometimes called a mini-split system, the unit is installed in the room and only requires lines from the condenser outside to the unit inside the room to operate. 

The air conditioning can be controlled from inside the room and is separate from the rest of the house. These are a good option for an addition that is going to be an inlaw apartment or rental unit but might also be the best way to get air conditioning into a part of the house that is otherwise hard to access with additional ductwork. These units also provide heat in the winter and are very efficient to run.  

Mini-split air conditioning systems are easy to install, and the cost of the system can be lower than installing new ductwork and adds the ability to control the unit so the temperature in the addition can remain remarkably consistent. Ductless air conditioning systems are available in many sizes to handle many room sizes, so picking out the one that will work in your situation should not be difficult. 

For more information, reach out to an air conditioning installation service in your area.