Holiday Furnace Troubleshooting Guide For When The Heat Goes Out With A Full House Of Family And Guests

When you have a house full of guests for the holidays, having the heat go out can ruin this time with family and friends. Therefore, you will want to quickly troubleshoot any problems with your furnace to get the heat back on as soon as possible. The following furnace troubleshooting tips and tricks will help you solve problems with your heating when you have a full house for the holidays:

1. Problems with Filters and Blocked Vents Causing Your Home To be Too Cold

The first thing that you will want to check when you have a problem with the furnace heating your home is the filter. First, check to make sure that the filter has been changed and is clean. It is also important to make sure that the filter is installed in the right direction to allow air to circulate through it. You will also want to check vents and registers to make sure they are all open and not blocked.

2. Access Panels, Breakers and Electrical Switches That Get Turned Off and Turn the Heating Off

There are also many ways that the furnace can get turned off. This may be due to the breaker being switched off or tripping, or the switch of the furnace is turned off on accident. In addition, the access panels of most modern furnaces have a switch on the opening, which can cause the furnace to not turn on if the panel is not secured properly.

3. Problems Due to Buildup on Pilot Lights, Elements and The Furnace Blower Causing Heating Issues

The dirt, dust, and grime that circulates through the heating system can cause a problem with your furnace. This can be due to buildup on the pilot light, heating elements and the blower, which can reduce the efficiency of your heating and cause your home to be colder. Therefore, you will want to check to make sure the furnace and its components are clean if you are having trouble with your heating.

4. Problems with Thermostat Settings and Older Systems That Cause the Furnace To Not Turn On

If you have an older HVAC system, the thermostat could be the problem causing the heating to not turn on. First, you want to check to make sure the settings have been set correctly. In addition, check the wiring and change the thermostat batteries. If you have an older thermostat, you may want to consider having it upgraded to a modern thermostat with programmable settings to maximize the comfort and efficiency of your heating.

These tips will help you troubleshoot problems with your furnace and heating to solve problems when you have a house full of holiday guests. If you need help getting your heating back on before the guests arrive, contact a furnace repair service to fix the problems.