Why Commercial AC Installations Are More Complicated and Involved

The process of having a residential air conditioning system is similar to having a commercial air conditioning system installed in some ways. However, commercial AC installations are a bit more complicated and involved in other ways. If you're wondering why commercial AC installations are more complicated, consider these primary reasons.

They're Typically Much Bigger and Heavier

For one thing, commercial air conditioning units are typically much bigger and heavier than residential air conditioning units. A commercial crew should have the right equipment and enough manpower to handle a bigger and heavier unit, which will help prevent anyone from getting hurt, help you get your new air conditioning unit installed more quickly and help prevent the unit from being damaged when it's being transported or installed.

There Are More Regulations and Codes to Worry About

Even when a residential air conditioning unit is being installed, it is important for installers to make sure that they are well aware of building codes in the area and that they install the unit in a way that will not violate these codes. The same is true when a commercial air conditioning unit is being installed, but the codes that have to be followed are often different and can be a lot more strict. Those who work with commercial air conditioning installations should be fully competent and aware of these regulations and codes so that they can make sure that commercial air conditioning units are installed as they should be.

The Cooling Needs Might Be More Complicated

Depending on the size of the commercial building and the type of building that needs to be cooled, there is a good chance that the commercial building's cooling needs might be a bit different than they are in a standard home. You might need to have multiple zones set up in your commercial building, and some areas of the building might typically be at a much higher temperature than other parts of the building, such as a restaurant kitchen versus a restaurant dining room. This can make the installation of one of these systems a bit more complicated.

The process of having a commercial air conditioning unit installed in your place of business can be a more demanding process. When it's time to have an air conditioning system installed in your place of business, you should not call an HVAC professional who typically works in residential environments. Instead, you will want to look for a commercial air conditioning and heating installation company, such as R A Heating & Air Cond Inc, to install your commercial AC for you for the reasons above.