How An AC Service Technician Gets Your Air Conditioner Ready For Summer

Once the cold days of winter are over and the hot days of summer loom nearer, it's time to have your air conditioner serviced. Having your AC serviced and cleaned before the cooling season begins ensures your air conditioner will start right up and cool your house on the first hot day of the season. Here are some important steps involved in getting your AC ready for another season of use.

Clean The Outdoor Condenser Cage

Depending on the style of your AC cage outdoors, it may accumulate debris over the fall and winter. There could be decaying leaves, small twigs, and dirt inside. It's even possible a family of mice could be using the cage as shelter for a nest. All these materials need to be cleaned out of the cage so they don't interfere with operations once the AC turns on. In addition to clearing out debris, parts of the condenser may need to be cleaned off to get rid of dust and grime on the moving parts so they can move freely.

Make Repairs To The Condenser

The condenser may need some minor repairs after months of sitting idle in your yard. The repair technician checks the fins on the outside of the condenser. The fins are thin strips of metal that allow air to circulate through the system while blocking debris. The fins can get clogged with dirt or leaves, and they can also be bent. Anything that bumps against the condenser could flatten the fins and restrict airflow through the AC. Fins can be straightened out with a fin comb to ensure maximum air circulation once the AC is in use.

The HVAC technician will also check other parts of the condenser unit, such as the fan, motor, and compressor. In addition, the refrigerant lines are checked and the level of refrigerant noted. Repairs are made to the lines if necessary, so new refrigerant can be added if needed.

Service The Air Handler And Thermostat

The indoor parts of your AC also need to be serviced to get it ready for the summer. This includes testing the thermostat and cleaning the air handler. The coils inside the air handler are checked and cleaned, if necessary. Clean coils are important. or your air conditioning unit may not cool your house very well. Coils that have dust built up on them can even ice over and shut your AC down. The condensation drain may also be cleaned if it has signs of algae or clogs in it because if the drain gets clogged, water from condensation will spill on the floor.

In addition to cleaning the air handler, various parts are checked for wear, and the parts that need it are lubricated. By the end of the service call, your AC is in good shape and standing by for the first hot day of summer.