Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

It is so refreshing to walk into a home that has great air conditioning. In fact, it is what makes the summer bearable in those extremely hot areas of the country. Nobody should have to go through a hot summer without air conditioning, but it does happen. When it comes to your air conditioning you may have noticed that most problems occur during the summer, and this is simply because the air conditioning system is doing a lot of work. So, it is important that the air conditioning unit and system is well maintained. Here are a few different things that you should have done each spring before summer;

Air Ducts

One of the first things that you should have done is have the air ducts completely cleaned out. You may notice that there is a lot of dust coming from your vents, and this is most definitely a bad sign. Over time, dust and debris will settle and block off the air flow to the rooms. This can be fixed when a professional puts their high-powered vacuum and sucks out all the debris. The debris can put a lot of extra strain and stress on the air conditioning system. 


Another area that the technician should look at is the compressor. This is another one of the aspects of the air conditioning system that is out of sight, and so is often out of mind. The technician will first ensure that the compressor is flat so the coolant can run through the coils without a problem.The technician is then likely to clean out all the debris from the compressor, and lastly, will straighten the fins that allow air to flow into the compressor. Do not let a compressor keep you from experiencing good air conditioning in your own house. 


Even a little bit of dust can cause a lot of damage to the air conditioning unit. The filters should be changed every few months, but during the spring have a technician come and replace the filter, but also have the technician look at any other aspects of the system that could be malfunctioning. The filter will be to keep the dust from entering the unit, but it is also important to keep the outside clean so the other moving parts and aspects of the air conditioning unit work correctly as well. Sometimes you need to work for air conditioning, but it is completely worth it. 

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