How To Insulate Your Pipes And Ducts

There are many possible problems that could arise with your HVAC and plumbing system. The key to efficient heating and cooling your home is making sure you have a strong flow. Even if you have the newest, most energy efficient heater, it will not be as efficient if the ducts are fully sealed and airtight. This article explains how you can increase the efficiency of your system by adding tape and insulation to the exposed ducts and plumbing pipes:

Work on the Exposed Pipes

There should be quite a few sections of exposed pipes and ducts throughout your house, especially if you have a basement. Don't bother working on those that you cannot easily reach. You can also work on the pipes directly attached to the furnace before they enter the wall. If the furnace is in a basement or garage where there are colder temperatures, these sections of ducting will be especially vulnerable. Adding duct tape to the coils is an easy way to stop air and water leaks.

Cleaning the Ducts 

First, clean the pipes and ducts thoroughly before taping them. The top side, which you often cannot see, is bound to be the dirtiest. The tape needs a smooth, clean surface to stick to. While you are cleaning the pipes, check the seams between individual pieces to make sure they are tight. Ducts can get knocked, shift around and just become loose over time. You might be able to quickly pull two separated ducts together to make them air tight before taping them.

Taping the Ducts

Taping the pipes is straightforward. It is better to be safe and apply at least two full layers of tape to each seam. You don't want the duct pieces to move around after they are tape.

Adding Foam Insulation

Many people also want to add foam insulation to their exposed pipes and ducts to reduce heat loss. This is a very effective and affordable way to make sure the warm air flowing through your ducts is not being wasted. Do this after your seams are fully taped. The foam is affordable and it comes in rolls so it is easy to wrap around the duct and tape down. This is most effective in cold rooms where the air can actually change the temperature of the ducts and reduce the effectiveness of your air and water heaters.

With pipes and ducts that are taped and insulated, your heating systems will definitely be more efficient. 

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