How To Protect Your Central Air Conditioning System During The Cold Winter Months

In order to ensure that your central air conditioning system is running as good as it can every summer when you turn it back on, you will need to take some steps to protect it during the winter months. While this is not an overly complicated process, each suggested step is something that is important and should not be ignored.

Turn Off The Unit

Once you are completely finished using the central air conditioning unit for the summer, you will want to completely turn it off by switching it off at the main power switch. Then, if the central air unit is ran on its own individual breaker in your electrical box, you will want to switch that breaker into the off position as well. This way, you will not have to worry about any electricity running to the unit during the upcoming months when it will not be in use.

Brush Off The Leaves And Other Debris

As the weather starts to change, you might notice that there are some leaves, small sticks, and other debris sitting on top of, stuck to the sides of, and around the perimeter of the central air conditioner. You will want to grab a broom and brush all of this debris away from the central air conditioning unit. This way, none of it will get stuck in any vents or become a nesting place for various pests.

Secure A Cover Over The Entire Unit

It is important to make sure that you are not just covering the top of the central air conditioner, but that you are covering all of the sides as well. To do this, you can purchase a cover that is specifically designed for the central air unit that you have. If you cannot find the right one, or want to save some money, you can cover the entire thing with a clean tarp. You will simply need to make sure that you are securing the tarp or cover in place so it will not blow away in the wind. An easy way to do this is to place a few rocks on the top of the covered unit, as well as along the bottom of the tarp where it meets the ground. You will also want to make sure that you are periodically checking the cover or tarp throughout the winter to ensure that it is still perfectly in place.

By using just those three tips, you should have no trouble keeping your central air conditioning unit in the best shape possible until you are ready to use it again when the weather warms back up. Contact an HVAC company, like Dalo Plumbing & Air , for more help.