Routine Air Conditioner Issues You May Need To Address

Air conditioner problems that develop can lead to your home becoming very uncomfortable. Due to the complexity of air conditioning systems, there are a number of different problems that they may experience. In order to be a wise and informed homeowner, you should know the basics about the more common air conditioning problems that can develop.

Poor Airflow

Without sufficient airflow, your air conditioning system will be unable to keep the interior of your house cool. Furthermore, a lack of airflow can also damage the mechanical parts of the system. While poor airflow that is caused by an internal clog of the unit will require disassembly to reach and repair the issue, simply cleaning the exterior of the system every few weeks will remove these materials before they can cause the system's airflow to become compromised. If you have a window unit, you can clean the system by simply wiping it with a damp cloth. When performing this maintenance, you should make sure to also clean the interior vents of the window unit as these can become extremely dirty.

Electrical Damage

Electrical issues can be another source of major disruptions for your air conditioner. While electrical problems can develop due to these systems aging or suffering major wear, it can also arise as a result of powerful electrical surges. As these surges flow through the components of your system, the sensitive internal electronics may become fused or melted. You will need a surge suppression system in order to direct these surges away from the system.


Refrigerant leaks are one of the more common issues that your system will experience, and when these systems start to lose refrigerant, they will be completely unable to cool your home. In addition to making the interior uncomfortable, this issue can also cause your energy expenses to rise as the air conditioner will run continuously. In order to be able to repair a leaking air conditioner system, your repair technician will need to pressurize the refrigerant lines as this can cause leaks to become more visible due to fluid coming out of them once the system is pressurized.

Overseeing repairs to your air conditioning system are an unpleasant aspect of owning your house, but having a basic knowledge of the problems these systems are most likely to experience can reduce much of the challenge of making these repairs. Understanding the importance of cleaning the exterior of the system, having leaks repaired and know the benefits of an electrical surge protector are particular important to keeping your system working efficiently. Clicking here will give you more information to help you take care of your air conditioning system.