Tips For Your Restaurant's New Walk-In Refrigerator

A walk-in refrigerator can be an essential device for any restaurant to have. Yet, those that are in the early stages of starting this type of business are unlikely to be familiar with this type of device, and this may lead to some avoidable inconveniences and problems. Yet, if you follow basic care tips, you can help ensure that your restaurant is getting the most out of its new refrigerator.

Keep A Thermometer In A Visible Area Of The Refrigerator

One of the most important things to know about your refrigerator system is the temperature that it is on the interior. This information can allow you to more easily set the temperature so that the items are as cold as possible without freezing. Also, regular checking this thermometer will allow you to notice when the system first starts to have trouble cooling the interior, which can give you the time needed to have repairs made before this issue leads to disruption for your restaurant.

Install A Plastic Strip Curtain

Over the course of a business day, employees are likely o need to regularly enter and exit the walk-in refrigerator. Unfortunately, this can decrease the system's performance and increase your energy expenses as much of the cold air inside the refrigerator may escape when the door is opened. You can not completely stop this problem, but you may be able to greatly reduce it by placing a plastic strip curtain on the doorway. These plastic strips will help to stop much of the air from escaping without seriously impacting the way that your workers use the refrigerator.

Create A Service Schedule For The New Refrigerator

Buying and installing a new refrigerator can be a major expense for your restaurant, and you should take steps to keep the refrigerator in good condition so that it lasts for years. In particular, some basic maintenance will avoid the majority of routine problems that can arise. Creating a basic schedule for you and your workers to follow can greatly reduce the risk that oversights or other mistakes are made during this work.

You can create a maintenance schedule that is customized for your refrigerator by reviewing the owner's manual for your unit. In most cases, the only work that will need to be done is to clean the condenser coils every few weeks, have the motor serviced and replace the gaskets around the door. By keeping theses tasks done, you can ensure your refrigerator is working as effectively and efficiently as possible.