Three Ways To Improve Your Furnace Function

Changing the filter on your furnace is important, but it is not the only thing that you should do to keep your furnace working properly. You should also see what you can do to improve heat gain during the day and to decrease heat loss during the night. Window coverings and roofing can play an important role in making your home more energy efficient and in improving the function of your furnace. 

Window Coverings

During the day, heat can enter through your windows carried by the UV rays of the sun. Once the rays pass through your windows, they heat up your furniture and other interior surfaces in your home. These rays can help decrease the cost of heating your home during the day, but heat will also leak out of your home during the night. If you want to prevent your furnace from running all the way through the night, you need to use curtains or window film to decrease heat loss through your windows. By opening your curtains during the day, you can allow the sun to heat up your home, and by closing your curtains at night, you can prevent heat loss. Window film will do the same thing without blocking off your view through your windows. In fact, window film can reduce your heating costs by up to 25%

Roofing Materials

A white roof will reflect the heat from the sun away from your home and decrease your cooling costs during the summer, but during the winter the same white roof will prevent the sun from heating up your home. A dark roof can heat up your home and increase your summer cooling costs but help to keep your home warm through the winter. Thus, when you decide on a roofing material for your home, you need to decide which is more critical. If you live in the northern parts of the country, then a dark-colored roof will be your better choice. 

Choosing a furnace is an important part of taking care of your home as is maintaining your furnace. On the other hand, not all of your furnace efficiency comes from the machine itself. You can improve the function of your furnace by changing a few components of your home. The more you do to improve the function of your furnace, the more you can decrease your heating costs. Just remember that what you do to improve the function of your furnace can also effect the function of your AC, so make your choices wisely. 

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