Mistakes That Increase Your Chances Of An AC System Failure

Despite the fact that an air conditioning system is an appliance that you are likely to use on a regular basis, you may not be aware of some of the common mistakes that you could be making that will substantially increase the risk of the AC unit suffering a mechanical malfunction that could prevent it from cooling the home's interior.

Letting The Exterior Unit's Vents Become Obstructed

The exterior vents on the AC unit are a part of the system that will need to be protected against obstruction. If these vents become clogged, the AC unit could suffer significant mechanical strain and failure. For example, the restricted airflow could prevent the heat exchange coils from effectively venting the heat that has been absorbed by the refrigerant. This will lead to the AC system cooling the home less efficiently and needing to run for significantly longer in order to provide even minimal cooling to the interior. Eventually, this excessive strain will cause the unit to overheat and fail.

Not Scheduling A Repair Visit When The Unit Starts To Show Signs Of Mechanical Distress

If you are noticing any signs of mechanical distress or unusual performance from your AC unit, a repair technician should be contacted as soon as possible. When these issues are addressed early in their development, it may be possible to avoid the worst consequences of unchecked mechanical issues. For example, some mechanical issues will be the result of a lack of lubrication. While this is a simple repair early, it can quickly become severe enough to require the AC unit to be replaced.

Allowing The Filters And Thermostat To Become Extremely Dirty

The filters and thermostats for the AC unit are components that can become extremely dirty over time. When the filters become dirty, they can restrict the flow of air into the unit, and they may even lead to mold growth. Replacing the filters is an affordable and simple type of preventative maintenance that can avoid costly repairs in the future, but many homeowners will need to schedule reminders on their calendars or on their phones to avoid forgetting to change these filters at regular intervals. Cleaning the thermostat can avoid instances where the AC unit runs for much longer than needed due to the unit giving inaccurate temperature readings or even failing to send a signal t the unit to turn off. Removing the faceplate from the thermostat panel can make it much easier to clean these areas with compressed air.

For more information on AC systems repairs, contact a professional near you.