Recommendations For A Helpful Air Conditioner System Repair

When you rely on your home's air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable, especially during some of the hottest summer temperatures, there can be no compromising when your system breaks down. There are many tasks you can do as a homeowner to check your system and complete some simple potential repairs, but when your efforts fail at your own DIY repairs, make sure you call in an HVAC professional. Here are some recommendations to help you when your air conditioner is not working and you may need a repair expert.

Check the AC Unit's Components

When your air conditioner is not working, there can be many different causes that lead to the problem, and some of them are more simple to fix. When you want to get your unit back to blowing cold air as soon as possible, start by making sure the thermostat is working properly. Check to make sure it is set to cool and the temperature is set to lower than your home's interior temperature. Also, make sure your air conditioner is switched on at the main system motor. Your home's breaker may also be flipped, which won't provide your air conditioner any power. 

After you have checked all these areas in relation to the basic power supply, you will need to check the system's filter. Sometimes a blocked filter will stop your furnace blower from working because it can't pull air through the system. This type of problem will actually cause the motor to burn out, the belts to break, or cause the unit to shut down from overheating. So, make sure you always replace the filters frequently. If you discover that your filter is completely blocked with hair and dust, contact your air conditioner professional so they can diagnose the system failure and get it repaired. 

Evaluate the System Conditions

When your air conditioner has been running and it suddenly stops working, you may be alerted by some loud banging or grinding noises coming from the motor of the internal system. This can indicate a problem with the blower motor and a professional can repair the system with the right parts. 

If you notice any ice built up on the interior of your system, your coolant has frozen up and is preventing the system from working to cool your home. The coolant may have become blocked and prevented the heat exchanger from eliminating heat from the system. You can switch off the air conditioner and set up a fan to blow on the ice buildup. The heat from your home's air will help to melt the ice and restore the proper coolant flow within a few hours.

For more information, contact an HVAC company, such as Wright's Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.