Boiler Heating Trouble: Tips You Need To Know

With the fall season rapidly approaching, this is the time for you to ensure that your home's boiler heating system is working as it should. Testing the system early gives you plenty of time to address potential problems before the temperature drops and you need that heat. You might wonder what kinds of problems you could encounter with your heating system. Here's a look at a couple of common issues that may necessitate the need for boiler heating repair.

Uneven Radiator Heating

One of the biggest problems with boiler heating is uneven heating in the radiators. In some cases, this is a result of air pockets in the system. The radiators can be bled to remove the excess air if necessary, but it's often best to have a heating repair technician do that.

You can bleed the radiators yourself, but that isn't necessarily the best idea. Bleeding the radiators on your own can often cause changes in system pressure and may lead to seal leaks. This can prove far more costly to repair, so it's in your best interest to have a heating repair technician handle the process.

Leaky Radiators Or Boiler

Despite the fact that boiler heat is an efficient and effective heating option, it can also be problematic if one of your radiators or, worse, the boiler, starts leaking. If a radiator starts leaking, it could be a valve or a failed gasket causing the problem. You'll need to have a heating repair contractor address the problem. 

When the boiler itself starts leaking, you may be facing a more serious problem. Your boiler unit typically has a series of chambers inside it where the water cycles through. These chambers can eventually corrode, crack, and leak. This will lead to lost pressure in the system, not to mention water damage. Your heating repair contractor can determine if you can replace just the damaged chambers or if you'll need to replace the whole system.

Slow Or No Heat

While boiler heating systems do take some time for the system to warm and start producing heat at the radiators, any time you notice a prolonged period before heat production, that's a cause for concern. You'll want to have a heating repair technician check the circulator pump and the thermostat, then test the valves to isolate and address the problem.

These are some of the most common causes of trouble with a boiler heating system. Talk with a heating repair technician near you for more help today.