5 Common Mistakes That Could Create Animal Infestations In A Home's Ductwork

One of the peskiest and disturbing ductwork problems that homes develop is pest infestations within ducts. Pests can destroy ductwork and create many safety and health hazards for a household's residence if their populations are allowed to build up in ducts.

Homeowners need to take the proper maintenance precautions to keep pests out of their ducts. The following are five mistakes homeowners need to avoid to minimize their chances of experiencing ductwork pest infestations.

1. Never having ductwork cleaned

Debris will naturally build up in ducts over time and need to be cleaned out. Dust, dirt, hairs, and other debris can accumulate in ducts and provide pests with perfect hiding and nesting places. You need to have your ducts cleaned often enough that excessive amounts of debris won't accumulate and attract pests. 

2. Having no screens over ductwork openings

By having mesh screens placed over vents and other openings in your ducts, you can minimize the chances that pests will make their way inside ducts. Mesh screens should have holes that are large enough to let enough air pass through but small enough to keep even small pests out. 

3. Allowing debris to pile up around an outdoor unit

When it comes to pest infestations in ducts, a lot of times pests find their way inside through the outdoor unit. Air conditioners and other HVAC equipment typically require an outdoor vent located in the yard somewhere around the perimeter of the house.

Your outdoor unit is connected to your home's interior via ducts. Pests can get into your ductwork through your outdoor unit and then make their way throughout your house. Vegetation and other debris that is built up around your outdoor unit can attract pests and encourage them to explore your external vent. It's therefore important to keep the area around your outdoor unit clear and clean. 


Pests are sometimes attracted to HVAC filters because they collect debris that some pests could use as food or nesting material. You can keep pests away from HVAC equipment and filters by frequently changing filters, so they remain clean and free from debris. 

5. Failing to repair cracks that develop promptly

Over time, ductwork can age and develop cracks and other small openings. These openings give pests a perfect opportunity to make their home in your ducts.

During cleanings, you should make sure that your ducts are being inspected for any damage that could create openings. Then, you need to schedule repairs for these openings as soon as possible to keep your ducts pest-free. For more information, contact your local ductwork installation and repair professionals.