How Your House's Arrangement And Setup Can Affect The AC's Performance

Do you know that the layout of your house can affect how well your air conditioner (AC) performs? The design of the house, the installation of appliances, and even the arrangement of fixtures all determine the level of your AC's performance. Here are some of the ways in which this can happen:

Poor Location of the Thermostat

The thermostat works by sensing the temperature of the surrounding air and then sending the signals to the AC main board. That way the AC system "knows" whether to maintain, lower, or increase the temperature. This means the location of the thermostat is pretty important because it determines the temperature reading the AC is using to operate.

As such, locating the thermostat in an area where it gets the wrong temperature reading will interfere with your AC operations. For example, locating the thermostat near a window will allow it to be affected by direct sunlight or air from outside. Another example is when you install a skylight directly above the thermostat; in such a case, it will be reading a slightly higher temperature than the actual temperature of the room.

Poor Location of Registers

When it comes to the air registers, the main point is to remember that the return and supply air registers should be placed in such a way that fresh air coming into the room is allowed to circulate before being taken out of the room back to the AC. Any arrangement that interferes with this operation is bad for your AC's efficiency. For example, locating the return and supply registers close to each other is bad because the supplied air will flow right back into the return registers, before doing its main job of making your room comfortable. Another example of bad register placement is when the return register is located next to a combustion system, such as a furnace, where it can easily pick up the dreaded carbon monoxide gas.

Blockage of Registers

Even the arrangement of household contents and furnishings can interfere with your AC's efficiency. For example, placing sofas, bookshelves, or even toys in front of the supply registers can reduce the amount of supply air they can bring into your rooms. Always ensure that both the supply and return air registers are free from blockage.

The above issues are some of the reasons you need to involve professional technicians whenever you want to do something in your house that may affect the operation of the AC. For example, if you want to extend your house or move the thermostat, consult a technician first to understand how the change will affect the AC and have any ac services done you need.