How To Build The Perfect Workshop

If your house constantly needs repairs because it's practically falling down, you probably need a workshop. Workshops are also ideal for structurally sound houses that need a little sprucing up now and then. Either way, if you're gonna build a workshop in the first place, you might as well build a perfect workshop, right? Well, here's how to do just that.

1. Buy, build, or convert a space that is fairly large.

In general, this space needs to be big enough for the ridiculous amount of tools that most home improvement tasks require. You'll also want it to be large enough for the lumber you'll need to carry inside. To test out the space, hold a long piece of lumber over your head and spin slowly in a circle. If you hit a wall, the space isn't big enough. As a general rule of thumb, the space should be at least 6x6 meters, but the bigger, the better.

2. Add storage for tools and hardware.

DIY experts already know what DIY novices will soon find out: your workspace will eventually hold almost as much stuff as your local hardware store. Prepare yourself in advance by purchasing or making lots of storage options. You'll need small containers for nuts, bolts, screws, nails, and other tiny hardware. You'll also need larger storage containers for hand tools. Finally, you'll need a peg wall and/or shelves for all of your power tools.

3. Make it comfortable.

You'll be spending a lot of your time in your workshop, so you might as well make it comfortable. A radio is a great way to add a bit of entertainment to the space. TVs aren't recommended because they can be a bit distracting, and that's dangerous when you're working with power tools. A sofa is a bad idea too, unless you don't really want to get any work done. A mini fridge is a great place to store drinks and snacks, and you can even customize the space with some wall decorations. You'll probably want to consider a furnace or heater too from a company like Fred's Plumbing & Heating Furnaces, since working in cold weather is difficult, especially if your hands go completely numb.

If the home improvement projects just keep piling up and you're having trouble getting any work done, a workshop is exactly what you need. Once you have the perfect setup, you'll likely find that DIY tasks take almost no time at all.