The Other Type Of Bathroom Accident: What To Do If You Flush Your Phone Down A Toilet

Many people are attached to their smart phones. One of the tell-tale signs of the addiction is bringing a phone along everywhere they go. A lot of smart phone users also bring their phones along with them to the restroom. Even more keep their phone in their person and unwittingly bring the phone to the restroom. Either way, this can present a precarious situation when you become a little bit clumsy. More and more, smart phones are falling into toilets and accidentally getting flushed. If you have flushed your smart phone, here are some steps to take on retrieving and reactivating the device. 

Don't flush the toilet again

Most smart phones are a few inches in width and length. This size is not something that should be forced down plumbing. If you have dropped your phone in the toilet and accidentally flushed, do not flush the toilet again. This will help to prevent a flood and prevent the phone from being pushed further down the pipes and causing damage. 

Grab a wire hanger

The one thing that may be able to help you get your phone back easily is a wire hanger. Unfold a wire hanger to be a straight line, but leave the hook on the end. Send the hook down the toilet pipes and try to grab the phone. If you are unable to feel the phone when you feed down the wire, stop immediately. You do not want to risk the hook portion actually pushing the phone further down the pipes and causing a bigger plumbing emergency than you have. 

Call a plumber

If you cannot see the phone to retrieve it, you should call a plumber immediately. A plumber and HVAC specialist will be able to perform the pipe work to retrieve the cellphone. Be aware that the plumber may be able to use a snake in order to retrieve the phone from the pipes, or it may take some more extensive work in order to get the phone back. Either way, getting the phone out of the drain is critical, as leave it may cause septic tank issues, which will be a costly fix.

Put the phone in rice

Once the phone is out of the drain, take apart any parts of the phone that are removable, such as the back case and the battery. Cover the phone in a bowl of rice and leave it overnight or for a full day. The rice will help to draw out any water from the phone. If your phone is still malfunctioning once dry, safely dispose of it and pick up; a new smart phone for safety.